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Communication Manager

YOU is a modern assistant for managing your business and personal tasks. The app brings your efficiency to a new level successfully combining functions of task handling, time and event management as well as messaging capabilities

About us

We have created this application because we realized that the modern world requires us to handle more complex tasks and imposes on us higher requirements to the way we organize our tasks, time and the way we communicate.

YOU team has accepted this challenge and has created the unique application with an essentially new approach to the management of tasks of various scales. We have been working really hard to break up all the rules of making apps and we have built an absolutely new product that would make life in the 21st century a little bit easier.


  • Work

    YOU simplifies difficult working processes by combining management and communication into one single system

  • Private life

    YOU keeps track of your daily life and reminds you about important events

  • Data security

    YOU provides safe data transfer insuring that your private data remains private

  • Unique interface

    YOU has an innovative interface and convenient navigation – YOU button acts as a joystick and allows you to navigate easily within the app using only one hand

  • Offline mode

    YOU is completely autonomous and unlike other apps remains fully functional even without Internet connection






Notification Center



  • Create projects and divide them into task lists
  • Delegate tasks to employees and track their progress
  • Add Observers to tasks to improve your team work
  • Discuss task details in built-in chats

You don’t need to keep in mind all of your current tasks. Free up your mind for more productive work and let YOU take care of the rest.



  • Plan school preparations for your children
  • Schedule a house renovation and divide it into stages using task lists
  • Make shopping lists

When business takes most of you time, YOU would help not to forget about planning personal to-dos.


Business Use

  • Organize meetings using automatic notification for participants
  • Add necessary files so that participants could go through them before the event
  • Invite business partners to meetings and indicate location of the event

The organization of business meetings and events has never been so convenient! Now you can start enjoying your work!


Personal Use

  • Invite friends to your party and discuss details in the built-in event chat
  • Organize shopping with friends on sale days
  • Plan your week so you can free time for personal things

Planning your personal life has never been easier!


Business Use

  • Free up your memory: let reminders clear your mind and do the work for you
  • Set reminders to go off when you arrive or leave a certain location, now you will not forget to send an e-mail when you arrive to work
  • Use the help of others: now your co-workers can set reminders for you

YOU reminders won’t let you forget about small things


Personal Use

  • Remind your child when he gets back home from school to walk with a dog
  • Set reminders to take medicine
  • Don't forget to pick up your dry-cleaning on the way back home from work

Feel how YOU cares about the quality of your life. YOU will help you not to forget about promises you’ve made.


Business Use

  • Create chats for your tasks and events
  • Discuss every detail of the task without a need to switch apps
  • Meetings are available for discussion immediately after they were created
  • Secret chats will allow you to keep your confidential dialogs secure (coming soon)

Save time together with YOU: quickly discuss urgent issues and keep track of task executions.


Personal Use

  • Discuss upcoming events with your friends in chats
  • YOU would help you be closer to your loved ones when when you are far away from them
  • Create reminders, events or tasks without leaving chats
  • With secret chats, you can be assured that your private life remains private (coming soon)

No matter how busy you are, YOU will always let you be in touch with your family and friends.



  • Edit personal information
  • Manage contacts
  • Sort all your contacts by type: business or personal

All contacts in our life are either personal or business. YOU provides an easy management of your contacts



The Notification Center will always keep you updated. YOU cards will show your most important notifications that require a certain action or your attention. Also system uses notifications to show minor updates (for example: that file was added to the event or task description has been changed)